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I can't find my businessIf only Google really told you that.

Many people wonder why when they search on the Internet they find a business in the wrong location or not at all. It is due to the lack of hiring a professional to do the job. While no one would ever consider hiring a plumber to do their heart surgery, due to a lack of understanding what the Internet is or how to market their business on-line, many owners opt to hire scam artists that spam your phone with pitches about your business is not properly listed on Google, Yelp or YP. The truth is your company is already listed all over the place. All they do is hire off-shore third parties that are cheaply paid to add or change a couple of things that may or may not temporarily improve your find-ability. In the majority of cases your web presence is miss-configured or is totally dependent on an asset they control. That is so that the unsuspecting business owner is held hostage to their payment terms or their information really will point to the wrong place(s). Likewise the DIY (Do-It-yourself) developer who has the neighbor, friend or relative can most of the time create more damage than good.

Enter the professional Web developer. A professional web developer should have enough knowledge to be able to understand the significance of unique information about your business, correct bad information and properly aggregate it to the world. It is more than being an (current) expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), an expert in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), an artist, an engineer, certified developer, or a business/marketing professional. A professional Web developer has all of those skills and more. They are professional problem solvers that take a culmination of years of experience to develop a custom solution for their clients. We have been developing web sites since 1996 and have directed MILLIONS of visitors to them how many others can say that?

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